CNS Results - 7/4/2014

posted Jul 5, 2014, 10:05 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 5, 2014, 10:06 PM ]

Chris Eggleston wins 25 lap feature at CNS

Chris Eggleston celebrated July 4th with a feature that started twenty-eight cars and went green, white and checker. It was a his evening as he was the top qualifier with a 18.722. Chris started third row inside and won the fast dash. In the feature Chris was in the third row outside and went to the lead after Wayne Barlock and Mike Gallegos led early on the race. Gallegos, Clegg, Cooper Barlock and Dellarco all finished within four seconds of the winner. The leaders had to move through heavy traffic at times but it appeared that all the cars finished the race in great shape. Dillon Foster over came Jaive Avila of Alhambra, California to win the Legends Trophy Dash. Jaive raced in Las Vegas Thursday evening and arrived at the track in time to get four practice laps in Adam Pechman’s back up car.

Scotty Scott made his season debut in his newly painted #6 legend. Scotty had a ninth place finish in the feature. It was good to see him back on the track. It was also good to se John Clute Sr. in the pits. John raced with the RMLRA for many years, before moving to Las Vegas and taking a job with U. S. Legend Cars.

The Mead Lumber RMLRA will be racing in Pueblo next weekend and we hope to see you there.

Last weekend the RMLRA raced in Nebraska and Wyoming. Just want to say thanks to all who made the two day race events. For all you new drivers, the car counts have been down and the opportunity to race and possibly score some big points are waiting for you to race at these tracks. The Friday night show at Gering is tough for many drivers to attend when you cannot get away from work. The last two day weekend event is August 8, 9. Perhaps you can work it into your schedule to make the trip. We lost two cars from the Gering area with the death of Steve Newton last summer. Kevin Collins who drove the #29 car is without a ride this season.

If you check out the National points, you will find that they are up to date except for this past weekend. You will find the local RMLRA points are up to date. Scotty has been doing a great job of keeping up with all the information that I have sent him.

Thanks to Jacob Hough for his involvement with the club this season. It has allowed me to spend a little more time at home. The Newsletters have been a great way to promote our club the RMLRA. If anyone is interested in taking over this job, please contact me.

25 lap feature unofficial results
1. Eggleston
2. Gallegos
3. Clegg
4. Cooper
5. Barlock
6. Dellarco
7. Jones
8. Pechman
9. Scott
10. D. Stewart
11. Foster
12. D. Stewart Jr (R)
13. Riddell
14. Pachello
15. Witherwax
16. Avila
17. B. Tilton
18. Adkins
19. B. Seip
20. G. Tilton
21. Blevins
22. McBride
23. Savage
24. Radosta
25. C. Brunker
26. Adkison
27. Castor
28. Rooker

Legends Dash, Trophy Dash, unofficial results
1. Foster
2. Avila
3. Adkins
4. Pachello
5. Seip
6. G. Tilton
7. Blevins
8. Savage
9. McBride
10. Brunker
11. Radosta
12. Castor
13. Rooker
14. Adkison

Legends Fast Dash, unofficial results
1. Eggleston
2. Barlock
3. Clegg
4. Gallegos
5. Cooper
6. Jones
7. Dellarco
8. Scott
9. Pechman
10. D. Stewart Jr. (R)
11. D. Stewart
12. Riddell
13. B. Tilton
14. Witherwax