RMLRA Newsletter - 2/19/2015

posted Feb 19, 2015, 2:17 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 19, 2015, 2:19 PM ]

Last Week I passed along some names of new drivers joining the RMLRA this summer. A couple of new drivers have come forth to join us since last weekend. Kenny Adkins will join his Dad, Chappy and form a two car team for this season driving the number twelve. Cody Castor will not return this season and Mike Webber is now living in Arizona. The number seventy-seven car that was races by Jace Pennetta of Arvada has been sold to the King family of Brighton. The total now is seven new drivers from the Colorado area. Lee, Roe, Wilson, Pearson, K. Adkins, Cave and King. New drivers and racing teams send me your information and I will share with the membership. I will keep you updated as I receive the information.

New Driver and car owner Bruce Pearson #33

When the racing seasons come to a close in the fall, there is always talk about a driver or two that decides to call his racing career over and move on to something else. From the other side of this plan is, who will come along to replace this driver. As always, the RMLRA is blessed to have many drivers moving up from the quarter midget organization and several drivers each season find their way to the RMLRA. We are now looking at seven new drivers this season. On the other hand several people watch the Legend cars race an aggressive schedule each season and come into the pits asking questions about the popular Legend race cars. Bruce Pearson is one of these fellows that asked a lot of questions during the summer of 2014 and has a plan to race his Legend and work with the kids at the two area high schools where he works and is a coach.

Here is his story involving a group of students with the club name Thunder Kids Motorsports. His name is Bruce Pearson and he purchased a Legends car last fall to run with the RMLRA. He works at two Denver area high schools (Jefferson High, a Title I school with high risk kids, as a Campus Supervisor, and as the Head Wrestling Coach at Ralston Valley High) His intent with the Legends team is to use racing to help teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM, through Thunder Kids Motorsports. Last fall, he brought four Jefferson students to the CNS Legends Challenge Cup so that they could meet some of the officials and drivers. The students were very intrigued with the competition and the post-race tech inspection. The night was very successful. Ryan Jones' father introduced the students to John Clute and he offered to come to the school this spring and conduct a clinic for the kids on the team and to others who are in the Jefferson High Auto Shop classes.  This will help to develop and prepare the team for the upcoming season.

Being the wrestling coach at Ralston Valley, he was in Montrose for a tournament the day of the Legends membership meeting, but his "office manager" was able to attend and pay his RMLRA membership and pick up a lot of information. This past weekend, he was at the Regional Championships for State and was not able to attend the Chassis Set-up class. Being a first year driver in a Legends. He realized that this clinic would be tremendously helpful. Bruce then contacted the RMLRA and asked if would it be possible to send his office manager and have her video the clinic. An additional benefit of the filming is that it can be reviewed in the Jefferson High Auto Shop classes and be implemented, so some degree, into the class curriculum, and will be very helpful during the clinic with John Clute (the RMLRA head Tech Official in the Denver Area).

Pearson did show the email about the fuel issue (which he did not feel educated enough to make any kind of recommendation) to the JHS Physics and Chemistry teachers and they immediately started writing out formulas, realizing that there was serious science involved. So they are excited about using the racing program in their Science classes as well!!

Bruce is very excited to be part of the RMLRA! He hopes to be working with Darrell Stewart Jr. and Ryan Jones as well, as both are students at Ralston Valley High School. Darrell Stewart Sr. has already been a big help as he has met with Pearson a few times and given him a lot of good recommendations. Pearson is eager to work with the RMLRA and all its racing teams.