CNS Results - 5/2/2015

posted May 7, 2015, 7:47 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 7, 2015, 7:47 PM ]

Medina wins @ Colorado National Speedway

Danny Medina won the twenty-five lap feature with a finish that you may not see for a long time. Medina and Kyle Clegg raced side by side towards the end of the race for several laps. As the white flag flew for the two leaders Kyle Clegg drove into turn one and pulled into the pits. Everyone in the tower thought that a tire had gone bad on the #66 car of Clegg. In the pits after the race Kyle admitted that he was concentrating so hard to get by Medina that he thought the white flag was the checkered and let up going into turn one and pulled into the pits. Medina kept going and won the race with Scotty Scott finishing second. Jereme Wall finished third with Adam Pechman fourth and Darrell L Stewart rounding out the top five positions. Kyle Clegg finished a disappointing twentieth place. The No Limits Logistics LLC and HO Motorsports Legends return to CNS May 16 for their next race. This is the last weekend off before we get into the full racing schedule for the rest of the season. Hope to see more of you at the track at the next race.

Don’t forget to reserve your room for the National qualifier in Gering, Nebraska May 22. It is a three day weekend of racing and we can always use cars especially on that Friday evening in Gering. Several drivers cannot travel because of work and that leaves a lot of openings for cars to race an obtain points. After the races in Gering a trip to the Steak House might be in order. That is always a good time and with time permitting, that could be a possibility. John Ulander has been asked to line up the activity at the Steak House. Plus the drawing for the NAPA rolling tool cart to be given away on Sunday evening after the race at Colorado National. To be eligible for this great give away you must race all three evenings and be an RMLRA member.

In the ten lap Fast Dash Trophy Dash, Danny Medina was the winner and in the ten lap Legends Dash, Austyn Radosta won his first dash race at Colorado National Speedway. Congratulations to Austyn on his first win.

Twenty-five cars were on hand Saturday evening. Making their first appearance this season were #17 BreAnn Adkinson, #5 Randy Haynes, #16 Travis Roe and #26 Christopher Brunker. #41 Gregory Lee making his first appearance had equipment problems and did not get the car onto the track. Terry McBride pulled out on the track from the pits and went straight into the infield with a ignition switch failure.


The disqualification of the #06 car on 4-11-15 was changed to a nondisqualification by INEX. The finishing order that was released has not been changed.

In qualifying
1. #66 Kyle Clegg was quick with a 18.749
2. #6 Scotty Scott 18.776
3. #15 Danny Medina 18.797
4. #25 Adam Pechman 18.837
5. #30 Darrell J. Stewart 19.009

Feature Results 25 Laps
1. #15 Medina
2. #6 Stewart
3. #1 Wall
4. #25 Pechman
5. #03 Stewart
6. #46 Witherwax
7. #7 C. Seip
8. #13 Dellarco
9. #14 C. Adkins
10. #19 Pachello
11. #97 Blevins
12. #85 McCray
13. #17 Adkinson
14. #83 Bedore
15. #23 Radosta (R)
16. #5 Haynes (R)
17. #16 Roe (R)
18. #53 Johnson (R)
19. #26 C. Brunker
20. #66 Clegg -1 18.591 fast lap
21. #20 Riddell -1
22. #30 D. J. Stewart -15
23. #28 D. Brunker -24
24. #09 McBride DNS
25. #41 Lee DNS

Legends Fast Dash (Trophy Dash) 10 Laps
1. Medina
2. Clegg
3. Scott
4. Wall
5. Pechman
6. Dellarco
7. DL Stewart
8. C. Seip
9. Witherwax
10. Riddell
11. DJ Stewart
12. Pachello

Legends Dash 10 Laps
1. Radosta (R)
2. C. Adkins
3. Blevins
4. McCray
5. Haynes (R)
6. Adkison
7. Bedore
8. McBride
9. Roe (R)
10. C. Brunker
11. Johnson (R)
12. D. Brunker (R)