I-25 Results - 7/11/2015

posted Jul 12, 2015, 5:33 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 12, 2015, 5:34 PM ]

Ryan Jones wins @ I-25 Speedway July 11, 2015

Starting last in a field of fifteen cars Ryan Jones drove his number twenty-one Legend car to the front and held off Darrell Stewart and Adam Pechman to win the thirty lap feature race.  Fourth place went to Robert Grayton racing out of Albuquerque, NM. Fifth place went to Darrell L. Stewart. It was a good night of racing with only a few restarts in the feature due to spin outs. It was a clean race and only one casualty as CJ Wilson had to have his car removed with the flat bed truck as he had damage enough to not be able to finish the race.

Two drivers out Albuquerque towed up and joined the fun, Charlie Corrie and Robert Gayton.  Gary Wegener from Washington also joined in the fun of racing at I-25 Speedway. Thanks to them for showing up.

Ryan Jones was the top qualifier with a 14.199 Jones also won the trophy dash after Robert Gayton was DQ’d in tech. Adam Pechman and Larry Pachello also won heat races.

It is off to Nebraska and Wyoming next weekend. Hope to see you there. Friday night will be a normal race, but Big Country Speedway on Saturday will be a double points night for the RMLRA.

30 Lap Feature results
1. #21 Ryan Jones
2. #30 Darrell J. Stewart
3. #25 Adam Pechman
4. #1 Robert Gayton NM (M)
5. #03 Darrell L. Stewart
6. #01 Charlie Corrie NM (P)
7. #7 Corey Seip
8. #46 Zachary Witherwax
9. #5 Gary Wegener WA (M)
10. #17 BreAnn Adkison
11. #16 Travis Roe
12. #19 Larry Pachello
13. #09 Terry McBride
14. #23 Austyn Radosta -9
15. #59 CJ Wilson -13 DNF

Trophy Dash
1. Jones
2. Radosta
3. C. Seip
4. Darrell J. Stewart
5. Robert Gayton (DQ) NM

1st Heat Race
1. Pechman
2. Witherwax
3. DL Stewart
4. Gary Wegener WA
5. Roe

2nd Heat Race
1. Pachello
2. Corrie NM
3. Wilson
4. McBride
5. Adkison