RMLRA Board Meeting Notes - 2/4/2017

posted Feb 4, 2017, 7:51 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 4, 2017, 7:52 PM ]

Notes from meeting February 4, 2017

The meeting was started just a little after 11:00 am with approximately thirty five members joining the membership. Trying to count the cars represented it looked close to thirty-cars were represented. Sponsors were named and several were forgotten. Thanks to HO Motorsports for all your hard work with the engines, and to Gary Cagle who keep up with the tires that our drivers use. Introduced to the drivers were new drivers Krystal Faulkingham #08k. and Roy Dunlap #13. Floyd Whiting #2 was not able to attend the meeting. We would like to welcome back Nick Cooper. Nick won the Front Range Tour as it was known in 2003. Work took him away from racing until this morning when he showed up eager to sign up and go racing. Welcome back Nick. He will continue to drive the #05 car. Also forgot to mention President Mike Gallegos recognized the officials from the 2016 club and thanked them for their help with the club. They were Scotty Scott, Butch Scott, Ray Jones, Darrell Stewart, John Ulander, Wayne Barlock, Terry McBride and Harold Kraus. The Tech officials that were on hand from last season and going on to the 2017 season were John Clute, Jeremiah Witherwax and Tim Cooper. These officials along with Jared Clute, Luke Ulander, Norm Davidson and Mike Leary are licensed to work the 2017 season. Gentlemen thank you for all you do to keep our cars in tech legal and our drivers on their toes. If I missed a name let me know and I will get back with you.

In the election of officials Scotty Scott was elected to the presidents position. John Ulander will continue as vice-president. Tim Cooper will hold the office as secretary/treasure for the upcoming season. Wayne Barlock and Terry McBride will serve their second year as board members. Elected to the Board were Dan Clegg and Jason Hulvey. The alternate member will be Paul Himler. will serve their second year of office as they were elected for a two year term in 2016.

A schedule of thirty racing dates was handed out and should be on the web page soon. You can possibly see a change on a few dates since it is early in the planning season. If there is a change you will be notified.

A set up class has been tentatively set up for February at Tim Coopers shop. There was some interest showed for this class. In case you did not give your name to Tim to attend, please contact him at 303-589-5102.