HiWay 92 Results - 6/24/2017

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Hwy 92 finds two new feature winners for 2017 RMLRA

It was a nice weekend to race as the weather did not come into play and the temperatures were good for racing. The trips to Gering, Nebraska are a little longer then staying in town and racing close by at CNS. Thirteen cars were on hand Friday to race at the tough little quarter mile track. Connor Snow who came up to race Friday had to return back home for high school football practice and was unable to race Saturday evening. The feature races were very exciting on both nights as the winner of each feature ended up with a lot of excellent driving to capture the checkered flag at the finish line. Friday’s feature was a twenty lap race as we lost the top qualifier of the evening in a accident while racing for the lead. Wayne Barlock had set quick time with a 14.91 Former RMLRA champion Nick Cooper drew the pole position and drove hard all twenty laps to win the race. Travis Roe and Connor Snow finished second and third. DJ Stewart won the trophy dash and Travis Roe won the other Legend dash.

A lucky fan won the $50.00 prize when Travis Roe finished the feature ahead of four other cars that had their numbers on frisbees that were thrown to the crowd. Travis  should have been on the track for this but By the time I had a chance to tell him to stayon the track he finished so good in the feature that he was on his way to tech.

Saturday night Scotty Scott set quick time with a 15.015. Wayne Barlock won the trophy dash and DJ Stewart won the Legends dash. In the feature, DL Stewart started the thirty lap main on the pole. We had several restarts with several cars eliminated from this race. After several restarts Scotty Scott who started second row outside worked his way to the front and took off with a big lead. As the race wore down to the end, Barlock who was running second seemed to find some quicker laps and started to eliminate the distance between first and second place. On the final lap going into turn three a battle for position with two cars ahead of Scotty. He had to slow down and Barlock pulled up beside him when the cars came off turn four and the traffic had cleared up a little bit, it was a dash to the finish line with Scott winning by about one foot. Another good race by the Legends.

National Qualifier July 2, 2017 at Colorado National Speedway

This Saturday and Sunday evening the RMLRA will be at CNS. Remember that July 2nd is a National Qualifier date. Hope to see many of our cars at these races.

Thanks to Jereme Witherwax for his INEX tech this weekend. Please remember that anything that happens on the track that requires moving cars for alignment or sent to the back for a restart is strictly up to the track’s officials and flagman. The RMLRA is not involved with these calls.

June 23-20 lap feature results (unofficial)
1. #05 Nick Cooper
2. #16 Travis Roe
3. #96 Connor Snow
4. #30 DJ Stewart
5. #48 Cody Dempster
6. #6 Scotty Scott
7. #03 DL Stewart
8. #13 Jason Hulvey
9. #17 BreAnn Adkison
10. #88 Paul Himler
11. #08k Krystal Faulkingham (R)
12. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
13. #6x Phil Peconi

June 24-30 lap feature results (unofficial)
1. #6 Scotty Scott
2. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
3. #05 Nick Cooper
4. #48 Cody Dempster
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #17 BreAnn Adkins
7. #13 Jason Hulvey
8. #88 Paul Himler
9. #08k Krystal Faulkingham
10. #30 DJ Stewart
11. #16 Travis Roe
12. #6x Phil Peconi

Friday night Dash

Friday night heat race

Saturday Night Trophy Dash

Saturday Night heat race