Big Country Speedway Results - 9/9/2017

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DJ Stewart wins @ Big Country Speedway/ Results 9-9-17

I was not in attendance last night at Big Country Speedway. What I have is the results from the RMLRA web page, “Standings”. It looks as thought the car count was down a little as I heard through the rumors at last weeks race that BreAnn Adkison our number seventeen legend car driver racing out of Cheyenne joined hands with her fiancé Landon and were married yesterday.

Darrell J. Stewart was your feature winner last night with Nick Cooper second and Travis Roe in third place. DL Stewart and Jason Hulvey were the fourth and fifth place finishers. Thanks to all the drivers who raced Saturday evening.

The number forty-three car of Rob Sears racing out of Firestone, Colorado made his season debut on the Big Country Speedway oval. Rob welcome to the RMLLRA. We hope that you enjoyed your first night of racing with us and plan to be back with us soon.

Travis Roe was the winner of the 50/50 race set up. His car passed the most cars in the feature race winning the $50.00. A luck fan that had his frisbee and car number also went home with $50.00 Thanks to Carol Adkison and “Fantastic Sam’s" for her support all year long.

RMLRA racing will be at Colorado National this Saturday, September 16. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Qualifying, #30 DJ Stewart 14.122
Trophy Dash #08k Krystal Faulkingham
Heat #1 #16 Travis Roe
Heat #2 #88 Paul Himler

Big Country Feature results (unofficial)
1. #30 DJ Stewart SP
2. #05 Nick Cooper P
3. #16 Travis Roe SP
4. #03 DL Stewart Mas
5. #13 Jason Hulvey Mas
6. #08k Krystal Faulkingham YL
7. #88 Paul Himler Mas
8. #9 Terry McBride Mas
9. #43 Rob Sears Mas