RMLRA Newsletter - 1/31/2019

posted Feb 1, 2019, 7:33 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 1, 2019, 7:33 AM ]

RMLRA Now Getting Ready For Set Up Class Saturday February 9, 2019

The set up classes for both Legends and Bandoleros will be held February 9th at Tim Cooper’s shop in Frederick.

The 2019 Legends Setup Class will be held on:
• February 9th at 10AM-12:30PM

•Lunch break 12:30PM-1:30PM

The Bando setup meeting will follow from:
• 1:30PM -4PM

Both classes will have a car or two on hand with the body removed so you can follow alongas set up tips are explained to the newer car owners and drivers. If you have never attendedone of these classes it would be very beneficial for you to attend. All you need is paper and apencil to write information down that you hear and see. If you think that you need a chair to siton bring one.

This will be the first year for a Bandolero set up class. I am sure there will be many questions.There was talk at the Membership meeting about gear ratios for different tracks that we race at.

Please remember that if a slower speed is run for your drivers ability, safety is of most importance. If you should decide to race your car away from the RMLRA scheduled races you may run into a gear ratio that will produce higher speeds. If you had the opportunity to race at the Bullring in Las Vegas with your Bandolero you will know what I am referring to. With many of the Bandoleros racing at the four tracks that we race at we may need to have different gearrule for each track. Hang in there with us as we figure it out.

Thanks to those of you who purchased the RMLRA membership at the meeting. We look forward to seeing more members signing up soon. Do get your INEX form in the mail as it takes longer to process the application for Bandolero drivers that are considered a minor.

If the driver is 17 or younger they MUST have a parent or guardian as an associate member.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

RMLRA Board Meeting Jan. 29, 2019 “notes”

In two separate meetings Tuesday evening the Bandoleros and Legends are getting closer tothe season opener. One subject talked about was the gear ratio for the Bandoleros and will bedelt with as soon as the weather will allow the cars to get on the tracks and experiment withthem. This is very important as we need to keep the speeds of these cars in control for safetyreasons. More news to be released later.

New car owners coming into Bandolero racing should read the rule book very close and payattention to the ballast rule.

Hope to see all of you new car owners at the set up class.

Do ask your friends that have just come into the Legends and Bandolero racing that may not be receiving the Newsletter. Have them contact me so I can set them up for our Newsletter.