Big Country Speedway Results - 9/25/2010

posted Sep 27, 2010, 8:05 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Sep 27, 2010, 8:12 AM ]

Racing Saturday night at Big Country Speedway, was a very long day and as it was we were the last class of cars to take to the track and run the feature. Fourteen cars were on hand for the last race at Big Country for the 2010 season. During the qualifying hot laps the printer in the tower ran out of ink and it was all down hill from there. If you want to see your lap times for the evening go to and figure out how to see them. I have never seen them as a non driver.

The fastest time turned in for qualifying belonged to Chris Eggleston with a 14.053. A trophy dash, two heat races and a thirty lap feature would follow. The trophy dash had the four slowest qualifiers in it and Bill Seip came home in first place with his first trophy dash win in a Legend.

Trophy Dash 8 laps
1.       Bill Seip #7
2.       Mike Morris #23
3.       Jim Ellison #11
4.       Gary Kopp #4

Ist Heat race
1.       Darrell Stewart #03
2.       Chris Eggleston #22
3.       Corey Seip #7
4.       Scotty Scott #6
5.       Mike Morris #23
6.       Chris Cooper #34
7.       Bill Seip #07

2nd Heat Race
1.       Wayne Barlock #3
2.       Kyle Clegg #66
3.       Phil Peconi #62
4.       Brittany Duncan #78
5.       Gary Kopp #4
6.       Jim Ellison #11
7.       Kyle McCartney #2

#30 lap feature
1.       Eggleston
2.       Clegg
3.       C. Seip
4.       D. Stewart
5.       Duncan
6.       Cooper
7.       Peconi
8.       Scott
9.       Morris
10.   G. Kopp
11.   Ellison
12.   B. Seip
13.   McCartney (driving John Ulander’s #2)
14.   Barlock

The number two car of John Ulander made its season debut with Kyle McCartney driving the car. Good looking car John.

Big Country Speedway is the hardest track to drive that we race at. I can say that all of the cars rolled onto their trailers at the end of the night and no major damage was seen by your reporter