RMLRA Updates

posted Nov 14, 2010, 8:25 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Nov 14, 2010, 8:29 PM ]

Just returned from four weeks in the Houston, Texas area with my family and enjoyed the beautiful weather for once. Basically no rain, and nice conditions.

When I left last month the RMLRA Championship was still being tabulated and it is official now and Kyle Clegg is the 2010 champion. Kyle and Wayne Barlock battled down to the last race and the results for the championship can be seen on our web page in the standings section. Wayne was the 2009 champion and Kyle Clegg had won the championship in 2008. Congratulations to all of you who ran for the championship this season. No date has been set for the 2010 banquet.

Thanks to all of you who made the trip to PPIR and made it a special showing for the group.

I am passing along this information from Ron at HO Motorsports in case you need to have some engine work done this off season. It had been posted on the Yahoo.com/groups web page cololegends, and Ron gave me permission to move it to our Newsletter.

“All right folks another season is in the books, and its time to support your local motor builder! Please don't wait till Feb. to start your winter engine project! I am always looking for ways to help the 1200 opens to be on a  level playing field with the 1250s. And don't forget that I can perform SOME  repairs on 1250s as well. Print this post and bring it along with your  engine and its good for $150.00 off a top end rebuild, or $300.00 off a complete rebuild. Prices vary sometimes greatly depending on the quality of the  major engine components, especially the cylinder head but also the
crankshaft, cylinder block, and engine cases. This offer is only good through Dec 1st 2010! The sooner the better. Deposit usually required at drop off.   I also would like to offer big thanks to all you drivers and car owners  that put on one hell of an entertaining race series! And congratulations to Kyle  Clegg on his trifecta.”

Ron Hough
HO Motorsports
6595 ODell Place D
Boulder CO 80301
303 447 8845