RMLRA Newsletter - May 25, 2011

posted May 26, 2011, 2:14 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 27, 2011, 8:28 AM by Unknown user ]

This weather is becoming ridiculous. I have been close to the Legends racing since
1996 and this season is starting out as the season that doesn’t want to allow us on the tracks. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow was the lines in a very popular song many years past. Some of the speedways are getting in their races, but the RMLRA has been the victims of cold and rainy weather so far. It has been one of the wettest
years in the Denver area. The Denver Post today said to people planning to head for the mountain this Memorial Day weekend, that many camp sites have not opened because the snow has not melted much.

Saturday night May 28, we are scheduled to be back on the track at Colorado
National Speedway. The weather forecast looks favorable to go racing and looking forward to seeing Legend cars at the track. June 4th we are scheduled to race at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. Support the RMLRA.

I read an article on the U S Legends web page, pointing out that as of June 1 the
price of tires will be going up. Here is the article in case you have not read it.


Please use our classifieds on the RMLRA web page, and if you have one on their now would you please check it out and update it to Scotty on the administration page. Sometimes items are sold and they need to be removed from the list.

If you have anything to add to our Newsletters, please contact me. The #57 car that driven by Jason Stewart has been sold to Brian Bohannon of Colorado Springs. I have not reached him yet, but Darrell Stewart passed along information that he would be out racing soon.

See you in the Pits.