CNS Rain-out - 7/9/2011

posted Jul 10, 2011, 8:13 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 15, 2011, 10:09 AM ]
The rainy season is here and we felt the impact of it again this past Saturday night.  We will try again next weekend. You have to feel for the Irwin Racing team and the Jackson Racing team that travelled from Albuquerque, New Mexico to race with us last night. Drivers thanks for making the trip and we hope to see you again.

We had the makings of a good Pro field last night. Former Legend track champion Tyler Chrisinger was on hand and they have indicated that they will run several races this season. The car now has the #12 painted on it. Welcome back.

Plenty of time off from the tracks coming up in a couple of weeks. July 23, August 13, August 20. A few drivers expressed that they would be interested in going road racing at the end of our season. If there is enough interest we should possibly take a look at seeing if some dates might be available at a nearby track. A two day weekend of road racing is very hard on a Legend engine.  Maybe we could work something out and just run one day. Just a thought.

The Asphalt Nationals to be held in Las Vegas, October 27-29, will have several cars representing the RMLRA.  Drivers who have not qualified through qualifiers in our region may attempt to try in nearby states. Although I did not see one close by, you might keep your eyes on the US Legends and Legends Nation web pages. Also at this race the State of Champions race is always ran and any driver who is at the top of the INEX points list of the state that you live in, makes you eligible.

Talked to another interested car buyer yesterday afternoon and it looks like they may be looking at a few cars in the next month. This would be another young driver ending his racing in the Quarter Midget series and moving up.

I also talked with Darrell Stewart yesterday and he hopes to get a few races in at the end of the season. He is very active with the Quarter Midget Association this summer. 

Jon Kast #4 Legend has been attending the races this past month has been having his share of minor problems with his engine. Jon here is hoping that you have found your problem.

See you in the pits July 16 at Colorado National Speedway

Kyle Ray has his number fifty-eight Legend running up front this season and with it one feature win and many top five finishes. Racing
out of Littleton, Colorado this former midget driver has found his groove on the track and is enjoying the 2011 Legends racing season.