Weekend Results - 5/23/2016

posted May 23, 2016, 9:17 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 23, 2016, 9:17 AM ]

Weekend report on Hwy 92 and Big Country Speedway

Starting this Newsletter with a big thank you from everybody involved with the RMLRA and saying thank you to those of you who went racing over the weekend. We ran into a weekend where several of our drivers were working, in school, graduating or teaching school. We had ten cars at Gering on Friday evening and sixteen cars at Big Country. Kenny Adkins #12, Randy Haynes #5 and Connor Snow #96 made their 2016 debut with the RMLRA legends at Big Country Speedway. Connor Snow was very fast and in qualifying may have had the quick time but due to a possible timing glitch he ended up third. In the trophy dash/fast heat his engine possibly blew and his night was over. The Snow race team has good equipment, a good driver and a talented pit crew to make him go fast. Kenny Adkins drove a few races last season and to me he just needs more
seat time and experience. He is basically a young rookie driver. Randy Haynes who has races many races at Big Country hit the number four turn wall on the start of the heat race. He was telling people in the pits that his throttle stuck and no place to go.

Big Country officials had many praises for our group showing up to race. There was a decent crowd on hand and if the weather would have held off it would have been a much greater evening. The evening end with a big thank you from Sandy and staff.

The RMLRA will be back at CNS on May 28th. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Hwy 92 20 Lap Feature results (unofficial)
1. #6 Scotty Scott
2. #3 Wayne Barlock JR.
3. #25 Adam Pechman
4. #51 AJ Canada
5. #17 BreAnn Adkins
6. #8 Eric Hipkins
7. #47 Jason Hulvey
8. #9 Terry McBride
9. #30 DJ Stewart dq in tech
10. #03 DL Stewart dq in tech

Trophy Dash/Fast Heat
1. Barlock
2. DJ Stewart!
3. Scott!
4. Pechman!
5. DL Stewart!

Slow Heat Race
1. Hulvey
2. Canada
3. Adkison
4. Hipkins
5. McBride

Big Country Speedway 20 Lap Feature Results (unofficial)
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #6 Scott
3. #25 Pechman
4. #3 Barlock
5. #71x Martinez
6. #03 DL Stewart
7. #51 Canada
8. #17 Adkison
9. #47 Hulvey
10. #8 Hipkins
11. #48 Dempster
12. #9 McBride
13. #12 K. Adkins
14. #19 Pachello-1
15. #96 Snow DNS
16. #5 Haynes DNS

Trophy Dash/Fast Heat 12 Laps
1. Barlock
2. Scott
3. Canada
4. DJ Stewart
5. Pechman
6. Snow (DNF)

Slow Heat Race
1. Martinez
2. Pachello
3. DL Stewart
4. Adkison
5. McBride
6. Hulvey
7. Hipkins
8. Dempster
9. Adkins
10. Haynes (DNF)