Using the same magic formula that made the Legends Cars the most mass-produced competition car in history, officials of USLCI have introduced the Bandolero Car. The Bandolero Car is a turnkey, spec-series racer designed for drivers as young as eight years old and the young-at-heart at any age. The RMLRA is beginning and effort to implement the series into the 2018 schedule of events. Interest in our area has lead to a commitment to purchase a Bandolero form several local racing teams from the 1/4 Midget and Kart ranks. We believe this will be a strong and generously supported series, aimed at developing and preparing racers for their future in Legends cars.The Bandolero Car serves as a stepping stone between a 1/4 Midget or kart and a race car that is simple for everybody to use. The Rocky Mountain Region does not have a transition class; forcing drivers to jump from a 1/4 midget or kart, into a Legend. The addition of the Bandolero class will fill that void. It will serve as a feeder class for Legends; strengthening the RMLRA’s future in both classes. The driver operates a Bandolero in a similar manner to a kart with left foot braking. The car is equipped with a centrifugal clutch so the driver does not have to shift gears.The Bandolero Car’s motivation is provided by a thumping Briggs & Stratton 570cc Vanguard engine mounted behind the driver. Small modifications have been made to the engine to bring the once 20HP stock engine to nearly 30HP.


BANDIT: Drivers between the ages of 8 - 11.

OUTLAW: Drivers over the age of 12.