RMLRA History

The Legend Movement in Colorado by Harold Kraus

Events and dates for this information was entered yearly and could have been superceded by events recorded later. I have been involved with Legend race cars since their start in 1995 through 2013. Looking back over the years, I probably have seen more Legend races than anybody that has followed these race cars. Here is what I remember through those years. This is not a book but just facts, figures and good times. I will make changes to correct any wrong information that has been entered.During the summer of 1994, Steve Smith the first Legend dealer in the state of Colorado stirred enough interest in six local drivers to start the Legends racing program. The Legend cars manufactured in Harrisburg, North Carolina, became the talk of the Rocky Mountain area. The name of the group was “Rocky Mountain Legends Cars.” In the spring of 1995 these six drivers started the Legends racing season. Shael Buchen,John Johnson, Dewey McNeff, Gerald Mitchell and Darrel Stingree. The sixth car belonged to Keith McAdoo. If someone has a differant name please contact me and I will correct it.

Races were held at the Second Creek Speedway, Beacon Hill Speedway (I-25) and Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Races at Second Creek had to be finished by dark as there were no lights available at the track. These six drivers with their cars, raced at the local speedways promoting the Legends. Several of these drivers had never raced on a oval speedway before. It was their purpose to show the race fans whatthese new little new cars could do. John Johnson was the first points champion.During the winter of 1995 leading to the 1996 season several cars were bought and entered at the local car shows in Denver and the interest started to grow. Eight new cars were bought, several to local road racing enthusiast, who wanted to race at the local road racing tracks.The racing season of 1996 had a racing schedule of twenty racing dates. Racing at Big Country, Beacon Hill Second Creek and Mountain View Motor Sport Park at Meade, CO. Second Creek now had lights. We had a lot of fun there and if you were lucky enough to start on the pole in the feature you were almost assured the checkered flag at the end of the race. There was little or no passing, but quite a few wrecks. The cars never got out of second gear. The spouses of the drivers organized BBQʼs in the pits and between qualifying and the races you could find a great sandwich with a lot of goodies to go with it. This ended several years later as the group began to grow and it became impossible to keep it going.

During the 1996 season the Legends group continued to grow as interest in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area and more cars were added to the car count.1997 was a great year of growth with as many as twenty-four Legends being raced. New race tracks were now being raced at. We finally were invited to race at Colorado National Speedway. Oregon Trail Speedway in Gering, Nebraska hosted several events and that led to a National qualifying event for the Asphalt Nationals. We also traveled to Salt Lake City that summer to race at Rocky Mountain Speedway. A road race wasscheduled to be held at the Fort Collins airport. At this time we had over thirty cars in the area. Not all were committed to racing the ovals.During the next few years the Legends continued to grow. Danny Medina a young driver out of Colorado Springs came on the scene and dedicated himself to be the best he could be and has won over a hundred Legend features during his carreer. Danny was willing to travel and made Las Vegas and Dodge City a regular place to race. Many events were won at these tracks. At the end of the 1999 season the Legends dealershipchanged hands and Steve Smith told me that the Colorado dealership was credited with sales of sixty-seven cars being sold.In 2000 there were over fifty Legends registered here in Colorado and Wyoming. Thirty-eight cars were the most that ever raced here along the Front Range. A national event at Colorado National drew forty-three cars.During the first years of the Legends organization an award banquet was held and the Mr. Legend award was given as a special achievement for the drivers during the season. The banquets were eliminated after that for many seasons as the Legends dealership changed hands several times. It was restarted in 2003 when the Front Range Tour was formed.

In 2003 we formed a tour know as the Front Range Tour. At the end of the season Legends dealer Mike Leary awarded the season championship to Nick Cooper, at the Double Tree Inn in Northglenn, CO. Anthony Medina claimed the championship for the 2004 season and in 2005 Terry Plummer was the points champion. During the 2006 season Chris Eggleston was the newly formed RMLRA champion. This season the drivers voted to rename the the group the Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association.Phil Peconi served as the first President. The season consisted of thirty-one races in which the top twenty-two races were used. Chris raced in thirty of these races. The banquet was held at the Holiday Inn at I-70 and I-25 in Denver.In 2007 Terry Plummer claimed the RMLRA championship with a ten point margin over Jace Hansen. The decision came down to the best finishes of the top twenty Legend features. Twenty-six races were ran in 2007. The award banquet was held at the Arvada Center for Performing Arts. Terry Plummer was elected president of the RMLRA and served for the 2007-2008 seasons.Over the twelve seasons that Legends have raced, many drivers have come and gone. Several of the drivers have moved on to the Late Model division. Some have went the way of Road Racing. Many drivers found out after attempting to race a Legend, that it was a tough situation and bowed out after several years of racing. To all of you who have helped build this organization to what it is now, please give your self a big smile. We thank you.

Racing in the RMLRA is a traveling experience with many miles traveled to most of our races. During the 2007 and 2008 seasons we had several people donate money to help booster the payoffs at Highway 92, Big Country and I-25 Speedways. Thanks to the Strawberry King, Ron & Nancy Soule, Dan Clegg, DND Metals for sponsoring this series during these years. Money also went to drivers to update their safety equipment. These sponsors played a very big role in the RMLRA movement here along the Front Range.

One of our saddest moments came in 2003 when veteran driver Les Baker suffered a major heart attack while racing at I-25 Speedway. Les was removed from the car and transported to a hospital. We lost a good friend that night and the number fifty-five was placed on all the race cars. A memorial race was held at the speedway for several years. This was a fifty-five lap race the longest Legends race ever held in Colorado. The

race has been discontinued due to the lack of race cars wanting to participate and support the Legends at this track. Car counts at I-25 Speedway have dropped off to 10-14 cars in 2009-2010-2011.


2008 Season Highlights

The long cold winter slowed the opening days of racing to one day in April. The next big item of interest this spring was 600 Racing was eliminating some selected engine builders throughout the United States. Apparently competitors back east found away to get engine builders to tweak the sealed engines to the customers advantage. The Colorado area lost their sealed engine builder, Ron Hough of HO Motor Sports in Boulder. Ron has since moved to Longmont. Several drivers have decided to leave the RMLRA at the end of the season, including president and 2007 RMLRA points champion Terry Plummer. We will miss these key people and drivers in this organization.

The spring of 2008 had many rookie drivers signed up to race. We have as many as nine first year drivers trying to find their way around the tracks early in the season. Kyle Clegg driving his number sixty-six Legend won the 2008 RMLRA championship this season. Corey Seip, a rookie pushed the points race right down to the last few races. Twenty-eight race dates were raced this summer. The Awards Banquet was held at the Arvada Center for Performing Arts.


2009 Season Highlights

Several new drivers joined us for the 2009 season as we had twenty-eight races scheduled at the start of the season. Seven races were cancelled due to the weather. Racing at CNS, I-25, Big Country and Hwy 92 Race Way Park, we had a slight decrease in cars willing to travel for the 2009 season and they raced only at CNS. The cars that were on hand put on some great racing for the CNS crowds as many features were won by less than a car length. Wayne Barlock of Eaton, Colorado won the RMLRA points championship. Rookie of the Year was Gary Kopp, Most Improved Driver, Josh Bandstra. Best Looking car was the pink painted number sisty six of Kyle Clegg. This car was dedicated to Sierra Krizman. Jon Baker of Cheyenne, Wyoming was seriously hurt when his car hit the number two turn wall at CNS on May 30. He was hospitalized and under went treatment and rehab. Jon was in a coma for two months. As of May 14, 2012, Jon is still unable to work and may never be able to. Jon was an excellent driver and was a big loss to local racing as he drove several types of racecars.

The Rocky Mountain Classic which included three days of racing over Labor Day weekend, had many top drivers in the country attending. Forty cars were in the pits on the last night of the meet at Colorado National Speedway. I-25 discontinued the Les Baker Memorial race as our car count had been low all summer at the track.


2010 Season Highlights

The 2010 season opened up with a race at Colorado National Speedway. A good turn out of cars were on hand and it looked as though a good season lay ahead for the RMLRA. This season the new Federal tires would come into play as the BF Goodrich racing tires that had been with the Legends since their concept. Many of the RMLRA drivers were not going to make the change and ended up buying the last available BF Goodrich tires that were available. History will show that the Federal caused a big change over in car set ups and air pressure to figure out how the Legend cars with the Federal tires would work.

A new web page designed by L. Scotty Scott was one of the highlights of the year. That web page could be viewed at www.RMLRA.org Forty-two cars were shown on the RMLRA points list at the end of the year with several of those being nonmembers. The season ended in October at Colorado National with Kyle Clegg winning his second RMLRA championship. Kyle also won the I-25 and CNS track championships. With a stable of three cars he was always a top runner. Kyle came from several positions down in the standings at the end of the season to pass Wayne Barlock and Corey Seip to win the championship.

Several new cars were bought and raced this season and we also had quite a few of the older cars sold locally that did not race. Looking towards the 2011 season when some of these cars will join us.

We raced at five tracks this season with a few races at Pikes Peak International Raceway on Friday nights. We had hoped to race their in 2011 but the track did not become available to race at. Phil Peconi served as President this year.


2011 RMLRA Elections-Season Highlights

The RMLRA held a membership meeting January 8, 2011 and elected the following officers for 2011. President John Ulander, Vice President Jim Stevens, Sec/Treasure Kyle McCartney, Board Members Dan Clegg, Jon Krizman, L Scotty Scott and Alternate member Scott Miller.

Kyle Ray would become the RMLRA champion this season as he led throughout most of the season. Kyle raced at all the races and had comfortable lead going into the Banquet. This Awards Dinner was held at Rossi Catering in Arvada. Rookie of the Year award went to Cole MacEwen.

Races for this season were limited to CNS and I-25. Gering, Nebraska was available to race at but the car count was not there to hold any racing programs. Big Country Speedway was on the schedule, but was under new management and did not meet INEX sanctions. Races were cancelled for the season. Twenty races were scheduled but weather forced three races to be cancelled.

At the end of our local season several drivers travelled to the Asphalt Nationals in Las Vegas. L. Scotty Scott finished fourth in the Masters division. Jon Krizman had been running second in the race was taken out by an eager driver on a restart and finished down in the final standings. Other drivers who raced were Chris Cooper, Pete Dellarco, Kyle Clegg. Danny Medina and Jace Hansen.


2012 Season Highlights

Election of officers saw John Ulander, Jim Stevens and Kyle McCartney reelected and Board Members; Dan Clegg, Jon Krizman, Tim Cooper, and David Hondel. During the 2012 racing season twenty-two races were scheduled. Two were cancelled due to bad weather. The RMLRA raced at Colorado National Speedway, I-25

Speedway, Highway 92 in Gering, Nebraska and Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

2012 New Drivers

New drivers this season were Bill Blevins, Arvada, Christopher Brunker, Lakewood, Cody Castor, Bennett, Ryan Gaylord, Lakewood, Ryan Jones, Arvada, Adam Kasick, Windsor, Larry Pachello, Wheat Ridge, Garrett Richard, Colorado Springs, Joshua Richard, Peyton, Jessica Savage, Aurora, and Jereme Wall, Commerce City. We did

have a couple of drivers that ran one race.

2012 Colorado State Champions

Racing results from the INEX web page show Adam Pechman racing in the Young Lions class finished seventy-eighth on the National points list. Adam raced in twentythree races. The champion of the class raced seventy-eight times. What I am doing here is showing all the new drivers how tough it is to get into the top ten nationally without traveling many miles to get a lot of points. In the Semi Pro division, Brandon Moore was our top driver, finishing twenty-fifth. The champion of his class raced sixtyfour races. Racing in the Masters division, L. Scotty Scott finished thirty-eighth, while racing nineteen races. The champion of that division raced thirty-eight races. In the Pro division Corey Seip was the top pro in Colorado finishing forty-third with nineteen races. The National champion raced seventy-six races. Each of these drivers should have received a plaque as the Colorado state champion in their class. Congratulations to our drivers who spent extra time on the road racing for points.

The 2012 season officially ends at the Awards Banquet January 12, 2013 at Rossi Catering in Wheat Ridge. This will be the second straight year for the Awards Banquet to be held at this location. Tonights awards will be updated and entered after the dinner tonight.

Kyle Ray was crowned the 2012 RMLRA points champion for 2012. After drivers picked numbered balls from a container fourteen dates were used from the 2012 season. Kyle the 2011 champion found his name on top of the points list. Kyle Clegg who was on the top of the list before all the dated were drawn slipped all the way to

sixth place. Finishins second was Corey Seip fourteen points behind Kyle Ray. Scotty Scott in third place, David Hondel in fourth place and Brandon Moore was your fifth place finisher. After looking at the dates that were drawn I did notice that two dates from Highway 92 in Gering played a big part in the championship. Several drivers did not make the trips up there to race and lost out on the points at those races.

Notes from the RMLRA Newsletter following the 2012 Banquet RMLRA 2012 Awards Banquet Has Kyle Ray as 2012 Points Champion.

The 2012 season officially ended last night as the Awards Dinner drawing was held and Kyle Ray was the winner last night after the drawing and elimination of several dates as has been the custom the past two years. This was the second straight season  as the RMLRA points champion. Qualifications for the championship were explained early in the season, and drivers had to fulfill the number of races required at three of the four tracks that we raced at.

The second top award was the Sportsmanship Award and the recipients of this award were the Witherwax Racing Team. Jeremiah, Greg and Zachary. This award was presented by vice-president James Stevens.

Several people were recognized for their continued support and contributions for the  betterment of the RMLRA. They were presented to Mike Leary, Dan Clegg, Ron Hough, Scotty Scott, Harold Kraus, and Joe Starr. And a special thanks to Mead Lumber and OʼReilly Auto Parts, and Eric Scott for their contributions to the 2012 RMLRA season. Mike Leary also presented awards to John Clute and Kyle McCartney for their help as Tech Officials this past season.

Also special thanks went out to Derrick Pechman, Jessica Savage, Craig Coughlin, and Scotty Scott for their help at the Grey Beard car show in Denver this winter. I hope I did not miss anybody as the information was quickly released.

Awards Banquet 2012 Top Ten Points Drivers

1. Kyle Ray

2. Corey Seip

3. L. Scotty Scott

4. David Hondel

5. Brandon Moore

6. Kyle Clegg

7. Ryan Jones

8. Zachary Witherwax

9. Chris Cooper

10. Adam Pechman


2013 Season Highlights

The 2013 seaon will officially start February 2, 2013, with a RMLRA membership meeting. This meeting is to be held at Leary Racing Products in Denver, with a starting time of 10:00 AM. Several new officers will be elected to office. John Ulander will preside over the RMLRA for 2013. Dan Clegg will take over as vicepresident. Katie Eggleston will handle the Secretary-Treasue responsibilities. Elected to the Board of Directors were Chris Eggleston and Craig Coughlin. They will serve with David Hondel and Tim Cooper serving their second season as an official. Twenty-three racing dates have been set for the 2013 racing season. A three day National qualifier weekend has been set up for Memorial Day Weekend. The 2013 National Asphalt Nationals will be held in Erie, Pennsylvania in early September. The 2013 season championship was won by Chris Simons Cooper. The number thirtyfour Legend car was at the track for every race but the last one which was not a points race. To win the championship Chris can thank several drivers for the use of their extra cars that Cooper Racing borrowed several times through the season. He damaged his car several times through the season and ended up sitting out the last race. We had many new drivers this season and they contributed to the success of the Legends through out the season. There were a total of twenty-four races this season and three were cancelled to to cold or rain. A total of forty-four RMLRA drivers raced this season. We lost driver Steve Newton midway through the season. Steve who raced his number ninty Legend race car mainly at Hwy-92 Raceway Park in Gering, Nebraska, suffered a fatal heart attack in his home before the races on Friday June 7, 2013. We will miss his friendly smile and personality at the races. This years Awards Banquet will be held November 9, in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

2013 New Drivers

#5 Randy Haynes, #9 Glenn Tilton, #14 Chappy Adkins, #17 BreAnn Adkison, #20 Kynzer Riddell, #29 Kevin Collins, #30 Darrell E. Stewart, #42 Pat Manchego, #61 Sidney Ross, #64 Randy Rooker, #04 Dillon Foster, #09 Terry McBride and 7j Jace Penitent. Jace has requested the #77 for the 2014 season. Several of these drivers race only a couple of times and will eligible to run as a rookie during the 2014 season. Please remember that your RMLRA membership of thirty-five dollars per season holds your number every year. You must race at least once each season plus membership to hold your number.

Several drivers traveled from New Mexico to race at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. Without these cars that made the trip the races at I-25 would have not been successful. A thanks to the drivers that made the trip to I-25 and the national qualifiers in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado on our big three day weekend of racing.

2013 RMLRA Awards Dinner Highlights

The Awards Dinner was held at the Wholly Stromboli Restaurant in Fort Lupton Saturday, November 9, 2013. A good turnout of drivers were there and lot of prizes were given out from President John Ulander. An 2014 INEX drivers license was given to a lucky driver. Pit passes to all three of our tracks were won in the contest, merchandise and a coupon for engine work at Ron Houghs Engine shop in Longmont. Thanks to all of you who attended.


2014 RMLRA Season, Membership meeting

A snow storm forced the cancellation of a February 1 meeting and rescheduled for February 15. Approximately twenty nine drivers were on hand and business was taken care of and after the election of officers the season officially begins. Elected to office or carried over from 2013 are as follows. Several offices contained a two year commitment.

Ulander resigns

In early May, John Ulander resigned his office as president of the RMLRA due to an overload of work at his main job at the Denver Post and some health issues that were wearing him down and unable to devote a lot of his time to the RMLRA. Thanks John for the years that you spent leading the RMLRA 2011-2013.  Dan Clegg took over as president and Tim Cooper as vice president.

The schedule of twenty-two races had been announced earlier and the three day Memorial Day Shoot Out will be run again this season at Hwy-92, Big Country and Colorado National Speedways. Jim Stevens will coordinate this event.

Several new drivers were on hand and a set up class was scheduled for March 2. Drivers joining us this season are Brady Van Matre,Brian VanMatre, Austyn Radosta, and Don Bedore. Don is back for his third time racing Legends Cars. Eric Hipkins will join us later in the season if possible. Connor Snow joined the RMLRA at the end of the season and raced several races with us.

As I do the final report of the season I have to say that the three day Shoot Out fell short of being successful as only a few drivers made the trip from out of town to race. Maybe the entry fee scared them off. When you have a three day special event like this you can expect to pay an entry fee. The Shoot Out was a three day National Qualifier event at three tracks. The problem seemed to be, that the event was held on Memorial

Day Weekend and possibly several drivers failed to respond to race. The weather did not co-operate with the event as rain was a possibility on all three days. Jim Stevens did a lot of work for the Shoot Out, lining up prizes and extra money for the racers. It was a disappointing weekend from the amount of cars that showed up to race.

Several other problems showed up through the season as many cars did not travel to Hwy-92, Big Country and I-25 Speedways. It appears that many drivers just wanted to race at Colorado National Speedway. If the RMLRA expects to stay strong as a membership, a lot of work in keeping the RMLRA organization together must come together. Rain forced the cancellation of four races and a schedule error cancelled another race. A couple of add on races were added to the schedule with those rain outs.

2014 Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet was held at Unser Racing in Denver, Saturday November 1, 2014. A good turnout was on hand to show thanks to the top ten drivers of the season that chased the points. Wayne Barlock JR of Eaton, Colorado was the points champion. Mike Gallegos finished second four points behind Wayne. Darrell Stewart and his son Darrell J. Stewart finished third and fourth. Darrell J. also took home the Rookie of the year award. Finishing fifth was Adam Pechman, Adam also won the Hard Luck Award. Jessica Savage finished in sixth place as was voted Most improved driver. Seventh place went to BreAnn Adkinson. Terry McBride was shown as the eighth place finisher and Chris Cooper who did not travel a lot this season finished ninth. Tim was the 2013 RMLRA champion. Tenth place went to Larry Pachello. Larry improved from last season, he had a better engine and also raced a limited schedule. The Sortsmanship Award went to Mike Gallegos, The Harold Kraus Award went to Scotty Scott and he also won the best looking car award.

INEX 2014 Colorado State Champions

All four drivers raced in the Champions race at the Las Vegas Asphalt Nationals. Racing in the Masters Division, Darrell Stewart took home the first place trophy.


The RMLRA met on January 10 at Steve’s Transmission Shop in Denver for the first meeting of the 2015 season. Election of officers was held and a full racing schedule was handed out to drivers. Twenty-nine races are scheduled for this season. Hot Lap practice will start in March for three weeks and our first race of the season was held April 11 at Colorado National Speedway.

At the beginning of the season we lost two members of the RMLRA. Jim Seip former racer and car owner of the number seven Legend, and Bob Peck, driver, and later helped sponsor Wayne Barlock for several seasons. Wayne did win the RMLRA championship in 2014 and 2009. Both members were very active in the RMLRA. Tim Cooper was elected president but had to turn over the office to Mike Gallegos. Tim who owns a business was overcome with a lot of work and decided to back out of the elected office of president. John Ulander was elected to vice president, Katie Eggleston kept the office of secretary-treasure. Elected to the Board positions were Ray Jones, David Hondel, Butch Scott and Terry McBride.

The schedule was revised and thirty races were scheduled. Three rain outs cut the schedule to twenty-seven races. The season was very long with very little time off. Many car owners and drivers voiced a dissatisfaction with the schedule. The biggest complaint was no weeks off. A 1200 open motor is to be given away to the members who raced enough races to qualify for their names to be drawn on that night. To be eligible drivers had to be RMLRA members and raced a required amount of races.  During the season at the small tracks only a handful of drivers traveled and supported the scheduled races. All those drivers will be seen as the top ten cars at the Awards banquet.

Master Division Driver Scotty Scott finished second in the national points race. Darrell L. Stewart placed ninth. In the Semi-Pro Division Darrell J. Stewart and Adam Pechman finished sixth and ninth. Zach Witherwax finished in the twenty-fifty position. Pro Driver Corey Seip finished at twenty-fourth place. Rookie driver Travis Roe finished twenty seventh in the Young Lions Division. Good job drivers and thanks for your dedication to

Legend Car racing.

If you were looking for something negative about the Legend racing you could look at Albuquerque NM where there was a good group of race cars during the past few seasons. It appears that the Legend races are no longer there. Colorado and Wyoming still form a good number of Legend Race cars and will continue to be strong as long as they stay together. Several drivers opted not to join the RMLRA this season and were not given points in the points race. Several give aways were also included and those drivers were not eligible to receive the extra money given away at the race tracks.

New Drivers 2015

New drivers and rookies to the RMLRA for 2015, Drivers raced at least one time during season.

#5 Randy Haynes

#2 Brent Cave

#12 Kenny Adkins

#16 Travis Roe

#33 Bruce Pearson

#41 Greg Lee

#42 Asher Redmond

#47x Jason Hulvey

#53 Luke Johnson

#59 CJ Wilson

#71x Frank Martinez

#77 Josiah King

#85 Dave McCray

Chris Eggleston an outstanding Legend car driver and former RMLRA champion raced only a few times this past season as he devoted much of his time to the NASCAR K&N West series. At the end of the season Chris was crowned the point champion for the series. An outstanding achievement for this driver. Chris did also get a commitment to drive in the 2016 season with the same car owner.

During the 2016 season the membership dropped off a little as several drivers declined to become a member. Those drivers should think about being supportive members in 2016. The benefits for members are much better than those that are not. To qualify for the RMLRA championship points and have extra funds at several races throughout the season. Drivers unite and become a stronger organization. Several car owners and drivers who were elected to help run the RMLRA spend many hours keeping this group organized. Membership is not mandatory but the little funds that are received help keep this club going.

2015 Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet for the 2015 season was held for the second straight year at Unser Racing Center in Denver. Scotty Scott accepted the championship trophy and thanked his family for the opportunity to race his Legend through the summer. His Dad Butch who works very hard on his car was gives the championship mechanic award for his work on the car. Several other members were always on hand to help with the car

while racing during the season.

2015 Top Ten RMLRA Points

1. Scotty Scott #6

2. Darrell J. Stewart #30

3. Adam Pechman #25

4. Darrell L. Stewart #03

5. Travis Roe #16

6. Corey Seip #7

7. Larry Pachello #19

8. Terry McBride #09

9. BreAnn Adkinson #17

10. Austyn Radosta #23

At the end of the Awards Banquet all drivers that were eligible for the 1200 open engine that given away through the courtesy of No Limit Logistics, LLC and HO Motorsports. This engine was valued at over three thousand dollars. The pill of Corey Seip was drawn much to the delight of the membership.

2015 INEX State Champions

PRO: Corey Seip

MASTERS: L. Scotty Scott

SEMI-PRO: Darrell J. Stewart


2016 RMLRA Season

Racing into the 2016 season with all sorts of possibilities came to a slow crawl as many cars elected to sit out the season. Despite low car counts at several tracks on scheduled racing dates the RMLRA had a very good season. Many new drivers listed later in the article helped make it a successful season. Colorado National Speedway still claimed the best turnout for cars as twenty-eight cars were on hand for the season ending twin features on October 1. The other three tracks, I-25, Big Country and Hwy 92 failed to lure many of the top cars to their tracks. In a general thought by this writer, the races were good but not great as good cars did not make the trips to race our smaller tracks away from CNS.

Congratulations goes out to Scotty Scott who made the most of his schedule and made the required total of points to qualify for a National Championship in the Masters Division through out the country. After traveling to Connecticut for the 2016 Asphalt Nationals, Scotty was the top qualifier, won a heat and made enough points through out all this to win the Masters National Championship.

A total of forty-seven cars for near and far raced with the RMLRA this season. Several of them only one or two races.

Vice President John Ulander has purchased Hwy 92 Raceway in Gering, Nebraska. He took over ownership at the end of the 2016 season. John will run the track from his home in Golden and travel every weekend with family members to take care of the business. Races will be switched from Friday evenings to Saturdays in 2017. This should help with the Legend car count and draw a couple of more cars. Shortly after the sale of the track former track owner Lee Schwartzkopf passed away on December 24, 2016. Our Legend family will miss him at the track.

New drivers in 2016 were Cody Dempster of Parker, Paul Himler of Erie, Nathan Brasz of Firestone, Blair Cooper of Pueblo, Chris Cox of Littleton, Matt Martinez of Parker, Adam Osborne of Fountain, Christina and Matthew Ratzlaff of Monte Vista, Adam Romero of Denver, Charlie Wilson of Penrose and Brent Scheidemantle, Broomfield. All of these drivers raced with us for the first time this season at one of our scheduled races.

The 2016 RMLRA championship went to L. Scotty Scott #6 who raced at just about all the races this season. His fellow driver Adam Pechman finished second moving up one position from 2015.

2016 RMLRA Points Championship

1. L. Scotty Scott (INEX Masters National Champion, CO. State Champion)

2. Adam Pechman (INEX CO. Semi Pro State Champion)

3. Larry Pachello

4. Cody Dempster (INEX CO. Young Lions State Champion)

5. Jason Hulvey

6. A J Canada

7. Zach Witherwax

8. BreAnn Adkinson (INEX Semi Pro WY. State Champion)

9. Danny Medina (INEX CO. Pro State Champion)

10.Terry McBride

I will continue to keep updating this ongoing information from year to year. The Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association is a strong group of race car drivers and we have said many times before, that you the drivers and car owners make this all possible to race at many tracks. Continue to be a RMLRA member and travel to the far away tracks when possible. If you notice an error please let me know. Corrections are always accepted.



2016 L. Scotty Scott #6 Arvada, CO.

2015 L. Scotty Scott #6 Arvada, CO.

2014 Wayne Barlock JR. #3 Eaton, CO.

2013 Chris Cooper #34 Frederick, CO.

2012 Kyle Ray #58 Littleton, CO.

2011 KYLE RAY #58 Littleton, CO.

2010 Kyle Clegg #66 Westminster, CO

2009 Wayne Barlock Jr. #3 Eaton, CO.

2008 Kyle Clegg #66 Westminster, CO.

2007 Terry Plummer #14 Loveland, CO.

2006 Chris Eggleston #22 Erie, CO.

2005 Terry Plummer #14 Loveland, CO.

2004 Anthony Medina #27 Colorado Springs, CO.

2003 Nick Cooper #05 Loveland, CO.

Records were not kept before these years, or possibly lost when computer was thrown out.